Business Investigations

Employee Theft

No company, large or small, is immune from workplace theft. Crucial Investigations is an experienced, unbiased third party with knowledge and expertise in these types of investigations.

Insurance Investigations

An insurance fraud investigation seeks to determine whether fraud has taken place and uncover evidence of fraud. Our investigators will successfully complete all facets of a fraud investigation.

Undercover Operations

Our experienced investigators are licensed and insured to provide undercover surveillance, and to gather evidence using the latest technology.


Our experienced professional investigators are licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to gather evidence using the latest technology.

Security Consulting

We provide a variety of threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, project management and operational consulting services to help our clients achieve their maximum level of security.

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Employee Theft

No company, large or small, is immune from workplace theft.

At some point in time every employer will experience theft in the workplace. Very few companies will actually investigate the theft due to the complexity of the investigation and/or because they do not know how. However, in the current economic climate workplace investigations are becoming more important because business cannot afford to sustain the cost of the loss.

Employee theft is defined as any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission. There are many levels of theft that occur on a daily basis ranging from worker’s compensation fraud to theft by a disgruntled employee. The key thing to remember is if it can be manufactured it can be sold. If it can be sold then it can be stolen. Any type of theft needs to be addressed immediately not only to resolve the matter quickly but to set an example with the remaining employees that this type of behavior is not ignored or tolerated.

Crucial Investigations is an experienced unbiased third party with knowledge and experience in these types of investigations. Our team will conduct a security analysis to assess the situation, conduct investigative interviews to ascertain the facts and work with management to develop a plan of corrective action of how to deal with the situation at hand. Our services will include but are not limited to: undercover operations, covert cameras in the workplace, and surveillance. If the client wishes to have the perpetrator arrested our investigator will act as a liaison with law enforcement to accomplish this.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Fraud is considered to involve misrepresentation with intent to deceive. In today's world fraud is a very real and costly problem resulting in the loss of money, jobs, loss of life and serious injuries. An insurance fraud investigation tries to determine whether fraud has taken place and uncover evidence that fraud has occurred. Insurance fraud investigations try to uncover those who make false claims to get insurance money. It also can mean that an insurance company is not paying for a legitimate claim.

Crucial Investigations will meet with the client and gather information to identify key factors for the investigation. The investigation may consist of surveillance, asset searches, background checks, employee investigations, business investigations, and other methods to resolve the case.

Fraud investigations can be difficult and complicated in many ways. First, criminals take great care to cover their tracks and escape prosecution. Next, in order for an investigation to be useful in a legal case, an investigator must be able to prove that fraud was intended. Crucial Investigations' qualified and experienced investigators can successfully complete these facets of a fraud investigation.

Workers' Compensation

Unfortunately, many workers exaggerate work-related injuries or claim injuries that they do not have in order to receive workers' compensation benefits. As a business manager, an insurance agent, or HR professional, you need to know that workers filing claims are entitled to the compensation they receive. Abuses of the workers' compensation system are often very sensitive and difficult to determine, but a professional workers' compensation investigation can help you find out and document the truth.

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Undercover Operations

Crucial Investigations will act as your company's contracted security manager and implement a proactive, cost-effect loss prevention program. Imagine having a professional asset protection manager dedicated to protecting your company's employees and assets for only a fraction of the cost. Crucial Investigations makes it possible. Our Stop-Loss Program consists of three steps:

Step 1: Crucial Investigations will conduct a loss prevention audit of your company. The audit will define your company's vulnerabilities across many departments - human resources, accounts payable and receivable, facility security, shipping and receiving. Evaluating present security devices such as surveillance cameras, card access systems, protection of trade secrets, document destruction and evaluation of security policies and procedures that may currently exist. Once Crucial Investigations has defined your company's vulnerabilities, we will develop policies and procedures to address those security needs.

Step 2: Crucial Investigations will set up a toll-free telephone number for employees to anonymously report security violations, such as employee theft, worker's compensation fraud, etc. A professional investigator will answer this toll free number and report to the client with all tips provided. Crucial Investigations will also provide posters to better educate your employees about the program. The establishment of this program will act as a major deterrent because it creates a security-conscious environment.

Step 3: Crucial Investigations will act as your asset protection manager, maintaining a complete security program that is extremely cost-effective. Understanding our clients and their products allows us to provide sound security advice for the level of protection your company expects and deserves.


Surveillance is the close observation of a person, place or object. During surveillance all contacts, interactions, activities and whereabouts of the subject are observed and documented. In cases of cheating spouse, child safety, stalking, missing persons, workers compensation cases, employee theft, vandalism, etc. surveillance is often the only way to know for sure what is going on.

Our experienced professional investigators are licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to gather evidence using numerous techniques, which include but are not limited to, the latest technology in audio, video and Location Monitoring Technology (GPS) equipment. Dan Garrett, our senior investigator, has a law enforcement background and all investigators are trained in how to uncover dishonesty in any form. We work closely with attorneys and remain well-versed in current laws. Illegal activity revealed during an investigation is presented in court as evidence and our investigators appear as an expert witness to present the findings.

Security Consulting

Crucial Investigations provides a variety of threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, project management and operational consulting services to assist our clients in achieving their maximum level of security. Most business security issues could be prevented by implementing a few basic security procedures but the majority of most businesses never consult with a professional until a major security problem occurs.

Crucial Investigations offers the following Security Consulting Services:

  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Private Client Protection
  • Security Systems Design

Many companies do not realize until after the fact that they are vulnerable to business security issues such as these. Crucial Investigations will do a risk, threat and vulnerability assessment for your business, identify security vulnerabilities and recommend the appropriate action to address those areas that need attention. If you are currently experiencing an issue we can advise company management on how to locate and deal with the problem. We can also assist in avoiding future issues by implementing proper policies and procedures.

Our team offers clients personalized attention along with unparalleled knowledge and experience at the highest level of discretion and confidentiality. When an unexpected incident occurs clients have to act quickly, decisively and effectively to deal with a full range of events that may impact their business, assets and reputations. Crucial Investigations is available 24/7/365 to respond to your needs and urgent situations. We assess vulnerability for issues, develop crisis business and personal prevention plans, and respond to situations as they arise. In addition, after any occurrence we provide post-incident assessments to prevent future incidents.