To Catch a Thief

Most people hear the buzzword “Ponzi Scheme” and immediately associate Bernie Madoff and investment fraud. The term “Ponzi scheme” actually comes from one of the most famous mass defrauders, Charles Ponzi. Without going into complicated details, “Ponzi schemes” are simply complex forms of theft or embezzlement. Whether local or national, the plague of corporate fraud discriminates against no one. According to Fox News in 2009, a seemingly trustworthy family man and longtime employee managed to embezzle 8.7 million dollars through accounting fraud. When the company took matters into its own hands and confronted the employee, he disappeared without a trace and the missing corporate funds were suspended until the suspect could be apprehended. Six years later, May of this year to be exact, the suspect was found after years of wandering the Appalachian Trail. Although this circumstance is extreme, no employer is able to anticipate this level of complication without the help of professionals.

Embezzlement is a problem that affects businesses of all sizes. Whether a corporate powerhouse with countless employees or a small business owner able to connect with employees daily, there is always a chance someone is not being honest with your company’s assets. Without proper checks and balances in place, assets can go missing without detection.

All businesses entrust employees with an allocation of assets for monitoring and management. Crucial Investigations has the ability to ensure that those responsibilities are not mistreated. Through the use of seasoned trade experts Crucial Investigations can conduct corporate fraud investigations and ensure that your assets are protected. If it is too late for prevention and you suspect misconduct is already taken place, we can still help with fraud recovery.

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