The Emotional Side of Cases

People often ask about the most difficult part of being a Private Investigator. The answer is seeing the emotional side of what our clients are going through. Over the years, we have seen men, women, children, in both domestic and corporate cases all go through a variety of emotions due to the current situation in their lives. Pain, doubt, and feeling wronged are all difficult emotions to deal with. If you suspect that your loved one is cheating on you, your world can be an emotional roller coaster. Some clients are very stoic and have already dealt with the emotional side of the situation when they seek our services, and others are in the midst of the turmoil that is happening in their lives.

Our job as Private Investigators is to separate the facts from the emotions. We help clients deal with these emotions while delivering peace of mind, closure, and justice. Part of our service is to be available to talk to and/or console our clients as necessary and know when to refer them to their attorney for legal advice. Sometimes people just want to know that their type of situation has happened before. Whatever their predicament, chances are they are not the first and won’t be the last to go through this type of situation. Others just want someone to listen to them.

Our experienced professionals do the research, surveillance and complete the investigation in a professional, discreet and confidential manner and notify our clients of what we are finding along the way. We want to be there for our clients to help them keep things in perspective during a difficult time in their lives and would hope that if we were in the same situation someone would do the same thing for us.

One of the best parts of being an investigator is the clients that you keep in touch with. We have been with clients as they try to resolve some very difficult problems in their lives. Seeing them get their lives back on track and move forward in a healthy way is certainly one of the privileges of this job. They are happy again, and that is a good thing to see. Our job comes full circle when that occurs.

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