Private Investigators and Attorneys

Private Investigators and Attorneys Work Well Together

Attorneys have their own variety of specialized skills and may think that they do not have a need for a professional Private Investigator (PI) but there are times when a PI can help out. As professional PIs, we also have our own unique way of carrying out tasks. Although each profession works differently, we are both working for the benefit of our client.

The private investigation industry is changing and becoming more high tech in all aspects. There is a greater emphasis on case research and interviewing witnesses, if applicable. Investigators have become more creative and highly analytical. They now invest in databases and know how to obtain a great deal of information from these sources. Additionally, it is best to work with an experienced company that employs previous law enforcement personnel because they have a working knowledge of the law in their state.

Some of the ways a Private Investigator can assist an Attorney include but are not limited to the following:

  • Locating People. We have received calls to locate a person as a witness, for relatives, as an heir to an estate, etc. Private Investigators can serve papers once a person is located, interview a subject on the client’s behalf, or just locate a person and then perform surveillance. We often hear, “You cannot sue someone if you cannot locate them.”
  • Locating Assets. Private Investigators can locate assets such as real estate, vehicles, and all types of tangible products and goods. We can go to courthouses and pull necessary public record documents to support our findings if required.
  • Background Checks. We have access to a national database and do additional work to provide a comprehensive background search.
  • Criminal Defense Case. A Private Investigator can recreate the scene of the accident, analyze the data and collect evidence that supports the client’s innocence or suggests the guilt of someone other than the client.
  • Corporate Crimes. Private Investigators can collect evidence that proves fraud, theft, sexual harassment, computer crimes and other crimes in the business sector.
  • Insurance Fraud. Private Investigators can collect data and perform surveillance in Workers Compensation and Insurance Fraud cases to prove if an individual is falsifying or exaggerating his or her injuries.
  • Analysis of Evidence. A Private Investigator may be hired to review and analyze evidence presented by the opposing side in their case.
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