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Keeping an Eye on Your Teen

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more teens experiment with alcohol and marijuana during the summer months of the year than at any other time. The reason this happens is simple…because it is summer time! Teens are without parental supervision for longer periods of time, taking summer jobs that have them out of the house more and driving to work and then parties after they are finished working. With the unlimited world of social networking and internet access it is easy for a teen to potentially choose the wrong circle of friends to spend free time with and end if doing negative things they would not normally do. As parents it can become necessary to investigate their actions to protect them and help them make the right choices. Corporate Intel provides a comprehensive program for concerned parents to track and monitor your teenager’s activities. Services we offer include covert surveillance, investigations, background checks and GPS tracking for vehicles they are driving. This information will ease your mind of where your child is, what they are doing and who they are doing it with.

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To Catch a Cheater

Infidelity in Marriage discriminates against no type of relationship. It is commonly generalized by gender, and contrary to popular opinion, research shows just as many women instigate infidelity as men. Infidelity, by definition, is a violation of a vow or commitment between a couple. There are multiple articles and books that give advice about preventing infidelity but at the end of the day humans have free will and sometimes no amount of “prevention” can thwart a lapse in character or judgement. Affairs commonly start in the workplace, at extracurricular activities, or even among some of your closest family and friends. Some fit the mold of a cliché workplace position of power scenario, but others can completely break the mold and come from the most unlikely of sources.

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A Friend in the Private Investigations Business

Here at Corporate Intel, our client’s trust is one of the most valuable parts of our working relationship. We take confidentiality very seriously and have precautions in place to ensure our client’s information stays private. We understand that in order for people to feel comfortable sharing private and revealing information, they need a safe and trusted place to come to. When a person confides in a therapist, they understand that there is a code of ethics in place to protect their privacy. We strive to foster the same type of environment for our clients. Once this rapport is established, we find a much higher success rate in collecting all the information needed to resolve the issue at hand.

One difference that comes from the nature of our work as compared to other businesses is the inability to publicize our many success stories due to our commitment to confidentiality. We often get word of mouth referrals; however,some of our clients prefer to not speak openly about working with us due to the private nature of our business.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

When someone asks what we do, the first response is almost always “That is so cool. I have always wanted to do that.” Next comes a series of questions that range from “Do you run down the street and confront the cheater?” to “Do you chase them in fast cars?” Modern television shows such as Cheaters have given everyone the perception that you run around with a huge camera, lights glaring, and chase your subjects down the street to confront them. In reality, this is not how it works at all. If you do the aforementioned actions, you will get noticed or as we call it “burnt,” and then your case is over.

Private Investigator’s best tool of the trade is the ability to blend in no matter where they are and no matter what the circumstances. If they are in a crowded place or in a small place, the art of blending in while doing surveillance is how they will survive in this industry. Time, patience, and blending in with the crowd are the tools that get the job done. These tools have allowed us to do many things, such as ride on the same elevator with our subject’s paramour and sit at the breakfast table next to the happy couple taking morning after pictures, etc.

As a matter of fact, if you ask 10 different people what a Private Investigator does, you will inevitably get 10 different answers

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How Safe is Your Church?

Do you ever stop to think about how vulnerable houses of worship are to acts of violence? Today’s Houses of Worship have become a prime target.

We all question our safety in our different aspects of daily activities and think about safety more closely than we ever have before. One place that we might have always thought was a safe and secure environment but we question it now is church. This sacred space was the one place that you could come to for worship and to feel safe. But these days, the news is all too familiar. Another tragedy at church has occurred and what could have been done to protect the members.

Sometimes you are too close to the issues to detect them. Here is a small sampling of “What if” questions. Ask yourself how your church would respond if these ever occurred.

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Corporate Bulldog

Some may say that a bull dog is not an attractive animal. Some people may not take them out very often, but they enjoy the comfort of knowing how loyal and attentive they are. You and only you know that your bull dog is unattractive, but you know your bull dog is a very dependable guardian. They make you feel a sense of safety because at the first sign of trouble you will open the gate and your ugly bull dog will be there protecting you. You and your bull dog have a special relationship because the bull dog knows what you need and expect from them. bulldog

A corporate security advisor is very much like owning a bull dog. He is there often hidden from plain sight or just quietly watching making sure that you (the principal) and your assets are safe. As mentioned in a previous blog, as a principal much of the information you receive from subordinates is white washed before you receive it.

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High Profile Client Services

A Private Investigation company may be called to provide services for what is known as a High Profile Client Service. This type of case could involve a successful business person, a public figure, or a prominent member of the community that could draw an excessive amount of attention if their identity was divulged, etc.

If someone fits this category, you must be very careful about the company that you choose. You only want to hire someone that has the background and experience to handle this type of investigation and who has done this before numerous times. You need an expert that can accomplish the end result with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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Why Can't I Just Do My Own Investigation?

We receive calls from people that either want to ask questions and do their own investigation, or they have already tried to do it on their own and have gotten “burned” by making huge mistakes.

You do not want to do your own private investigation for numerous reasons. First and foremost, you are not a professional, licensed Private Investigator who is:

  • Aware of the laws in your state
  • Has the knowledge, experience and tools to do the job correctly
  • Can be an expert witness in court when you need them.
  • Clients (and/or their friends and relatives) are too close to the situation, way too emotional and can actually be charged with stalking if they are not careful.
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What Is Counter Surveillance?

Question: When you truly believe you are being watched by someone, what is the appropriate measure to take?

Answer: Hire a Private Investigator for counter surveillance. Yes, a seasoned private investigator can determine if you are being surveyed and or under electronic surveillance.

A qualified private investigator will conduct a security analysis of your residence, workplace and vehicles and determine if you are being monitored by someone. Then, the investigator can actually follow you and determine if someone is secretly watching you. You may ask, how often does a private investigator receive a counter surveillance assignment? It actually occurs more than one would think.

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You Will Not Be The Same Person

When we are hired because a spouse has suspicions of a cheating spouse and we confirm this, our clients want to know what will happen next. Our client must make the decision of how they want to handle the information that they have been given as the result of an infidelity investigation. If the legal separation or divorce route is chosen there are sometimes concerns of what will I do or what will happen during the next year.

We certainly do not have a crystal ball but it is safe to say that you will not be the same person at the end of the year of separation that you were at the beginning. In many cases we are fortunate to stay in touch with clients and to see how they transition and blossom during this year.

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