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Is Your Significant Other Cheating... Online?

Today’s technology allows everyone using a computer access for daily activities such as work, shopping, buying a house, researching anything we can think of and to play. You may have even found our company, on line by searching for a Private Investigator. The internet gives us anything we want at the touch of our fingertips. This can also include an escape from reality andmeeting someone new on line. Just because your significant other has not had physical contact with someone does not mean that they are not cheating on line.

Everyone uses the computer and internet today and this makes it an excellent place to secretly meet someone. People can connect and hide their activities easier than they have ever been able to before through the use of computers, tablets or mobile device. Cheating websites are exploding! Let’s face it you can Google a few words and find anything, anyone and any fetish your heart desires. You can meet someone in chat rooms, on discussion boards or websites and you can type and message for as long as you want before meeting. You can create your own persona and be anyone you want on line instead of whom you are in reality and that is the person on the other end of the keyboard is attracted to. For example, you are really Clark Kent but you are portraying yourself as Superman. Sometimes this attraction stays online and sometimes it goes past the keyboard and into real life

Professional websites like Ashley Madison market that they make it possible to find the discreet relationship or the secret affair you are looking for. Even after they were hacked last year they are back in business. If anything all the publicity helped educate the world that these websites are out there

There are numerous sites and apps now that promote meeting people, how to cheat and not get caught, etc.

Observing your partners actions and behaviors will give you clues to indicate you may have an issue that will require a professional investigator. Certain clues on the computer, tablet or phone can indicate what they have been looking at. If you see cheating websites, pornography, chat rooms, dating websites or apps in the history this could be a red flag. They could have already deleted their history but there is software that can help track that. Asking your spouse for their passwords and seeing how they react will be a good indicator also. Another red flag is how do they act when you walk in the room and they are on the computer? If they quickly shut down their computer, tablet or mobile device, walk away from it or act nervous this is a sign that they are doing something they should not.

When something starts on line and it continues then eventually they will meet and the relationship can grow from there. To see more signs of change in behavior review our 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse.

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