Christmas Affair

'Tis the Season – Is Your Spouse Naughty or Nice?

We all know that the holidays can be stressful with the endless To Do lists of decorating, shopping to find the perfect gifts, gift wrapping, cooking, traveling, family gatherings, etc. This in addition to our jobs and everyday life can make the holidays a very stressful time! Unfortunately, the holidays are often a time where spouses become suspicious of infidelity as a result of their spouse’s behavior. Hiring a private investigator to conduct an infidelity investigation can give you the peace of mind by learning the truth.

Many people’s work schedules change over the holidays and you may notice odd behavior by your spouse. With an increased amount of free time off of work it may become more difficult to hide a “meeting” that may have been easily explained away before. As the holidays draw near the cheating partners will want to spend time together and this can cause the spouse to have odd or suspicious phone calls or disappear from time to time. This type of behavior results in the gut feeling that something is not right that many spouses get when they are being cheated on.

We often are asked the question why did they do this? No one really knows. Whether someone is feeling neglected or not loved, libido, ego or a million other possible scenarios we hear more about cheating during the holidays than any other time. There may already be dynamics in place that encourage this behavior or the holidays may remind a lonely person of what their life is missing. Ultimately, if someone is going to cheat at Christmas they are going to do it at other times of the year. Some people are lured by the secrecy of an affair. The thought of the seduction of falling in love (or like as the case may be) has been compared to a drug or a rush of excitement. The initial decision to be unfaithful is rarely, if ever, a rational choice. Instead, infidelity is usually driven by circumstances and one’s emotions. In fact, we hear people say that they even surprise themselves that they ended up having an affair because they never intended to.

During the holidays (or anytime) if your instincts tell you that something is not right trust them and look for signs of behavior that are out of the ordinary. 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse is a helpful tool that is listed on our website. It can be viewed in greater detail by visiting us at Also, remember during the holidays credit card bills or bank statements are good indicators of extra money spent that does not match up with presents you know you have given.

A brief outline of these 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse are as follows:

  1. Work habits have changed
  2. An increased need for privacy.
  3. Increasing amounts of time spent on the computer.
  4. Phone calls that end abruptly, more time on the phone or disposable phones.
  5. We are just friends.
  6. Sudden changes in intimacy.
  7. Sudden interest/change in their appearance.
  8. Difficulty in reaching your partner on the phone,
  9. Intuition.
  10. Your partner has become emotionally distant.

If you have suspicions give our experienced investigators at Crucial Investigators a call today. We are open 24/7, including holidays and will help you get the answers you need. (864) 915-2833 or (803) 727-8829

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