Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody investigations are some of the most challenging but also the most rewarding cases we work. We understand how much your children mean to you. There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your child and ensuring they receive the proper care, attention, love and support that they deserve. At Crucial Investigations we help parents maintain or regain custody of your minor children.

Our clients come to us looking for some type of evidence to show that their child stays safe. Emotions can be at an all-time high when dealing with separation/divorce and custody of children. Some parents will exaggerate and make false accusations in order to limit another parent's access to the child. Parents hurting each other in the manner has become the "perfect weapon" in court. A lot of our clients have been accused or abuse or neglect and say that is not the case. In fact, they say the other parent is the one who abuses or neglects the child in different ways.

The law says that the judge's decision must be "in the best interest of the child." The court will look at numerous things to identify what is in your child's best interest. Some of these things will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Will the child have a safe stable place to live and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Will the child be well fed and clothed? Will the child be supervised enough?
  • Which parent has been primarily taking care of the child?
  • Criminal records and/or activity of persons in the home
  • Evidence of child abuse or neglect
  • Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse
  • History or complaints of violence against a parent

Child Custody Investigations are completed to determine if the other parent is treating your child the way they should be treated. Our investigators will observe if their environment is safe or if they are in a dangerous environment or situation. An investigator will look for numerous things. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Is the other parent living in a safe environment for the child?
  • Is the parent home with child when they are supposed to be or are they being left unsupervised?
  • Are the stories your children telling you true - such as they are being taken to parties, bars, etc.
  • Is there excessive drinking or drug abuse in the home?
  • Are there paramours present in the home overnight which goes against the court order?

If you are suspicious about your former spouse's ability to care for your children give us a call for a free confidential consultation. (864) 915-2833 (803) 727-8829

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