It’s better to give than take!

The holidays are stressful times for businesses and employees alike. Companies are under stress to meet end of year goals and employees are under stress to provide for their families during the holiday season. The conflict of interest can lead to people doing things they wouldn’t normally do, like steal from their workplace. This incident can happen in the most unlikely places, including non-profits and charities. Should an incident occur, addressing the situation immediately is absolutely necessary. Experienced private investigators can help with employee theft investigations, and properly assess the situaion to get to the bottom of the case

Just last month in Greenville County a teenage boy dropped off a generous donation including a television and a game system to the Salvation Army meant to make a 12 year old’s Christmas “dreams” come true. These items were entrusted to a Salvation Army employee at the drop off center whose responsibility was to check in and organize the items. When the family called back to ensure the correct information was placed on the items to guarantee they got to the correct child, the gifts were unable to be located. The Salvation Army conducted it’s own internal investigation which took over 10 working days to find any evidence of wrong doing. Surveillance footage captured one of the employees loading the appropriated items into his girlfriend’s car. The investigation itself resulted in an additional loss of time and money on the part of the Salvation Army. According to local news outlets, the items have still not been recovered and one little boy was without his “dream gift” on Christmas morning.

Through this situation the Salvation Army has endured public scrutiny as well as loss of productive time from the employees who were dedicated to conducting the investigation. In situations like these, it is best to have a separate and skilled company to come in and conduct such investigations. Crucial Investigations has the experience to walk companies through the unfortunate reality of disloyal employees and help put into place a plan on how to proceed.

As an unbiased third party, Crucial Investigations is able to work with a management team to develop a course of action ensuring that the perpetrator is brought to justice at the discretion of the team as well as initiate a system of checks and balances to prevent future instances. This approach not only maintains rapport among current employees but also upholds the public view of the company when media outlets become involved.

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