10 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

If you have suspicions about your spouse, a PI can conduct cheating spouse investigations to get the answers you need.

  1. Work habits have changed
    Working late, going to work early, working different hours, working on days off, increased business trips or spending extra time on work related issues can all be potential warning signs.
  2. An increased need in privacy.
    Computer passwords may be changed, computer history deleted, cell phones may become password protected. Credit card, bank statements and cell phone bills may disappear. These are all items that may have been open to both parties previously but now they are hidden. If you ask questions you may be called a control freak or asked why you are snooping around.
  3. Increasing amounts of time being spent on the computer.
    All types of information and websites are available on the internet that makes it possible to meet potential mates without ever going out. There are on line dating sites, sites geared specifically to married spouses that are interested in cheating, social websites, etc. Secret e-mail accounts can be set up with no knowledge of the passwords. If they suddenly change screens when you walk in the room or close the computer check the history. If it has been deleted then there may be something to hide.
  4. Phone calls that end abruptly, more time on the phone or disposable phones.
    Warning signs can include more time on the phone, the cell phone/texting information being deleted or calls ending abruptly when you walk into the room. Technology now includes purchasing disposable cell phones so no one can monitor the calls. If you ask questions you are met with your spouse being very defensive.
  5. We are just friends.
    If your spouse has a new friend and they are spending more and more time with this person, have a lot in common with them, they understand them, etc. be careful of the warning signs.
  6. Sudden changes in intimacy.
    Notice changes if your spouse does not want to have sex with you anymore or also if they have an increased desire for sex with new and different techniques.
  7. Sudden interest/change in their appearance.
    Your spouse all of sudden has a new and different way they dress, new hairstyle, joining a gym, weight loss, new cologne/perfume or not wearing their wedding ring.
  8. Difficulty in reaching your partner on the phone.
    Leaving several unanswered messages on the cell phone is a warning sign. An unfaithful spouse will be extremely preoccupied with a new relationship and unconcerned about the current partner's needs and daily activities.
  9. Intuition.
    That nagging little feeling that something is not right and it won't go away is often something that needs to be investigated.
  10. Your partner has become emotionally distant.
    Your partner has become more self-absorbed and does not participate in your life.
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