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10 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

  1. Work habits have changed
    Working late, going to work early, working different hours, working on days off, increased business trips or spending extra time on work related issues can all be potential warning signs.
  2. An increased need in privacy.
    Computer passwords may be changed, computer history deleted, cell phones may become password protected. Credit card, bank statements and cell phone bills may disappear. These are all items that may have been open to both parties previously but now they are hidden. If you ask questions you may be called a control freak or asked why you are snooping around.
  3. Increasing amounts of time being spent on the computer.
    All types of information and websites are available on the internet that makes it possible to meet potential mates without ever going out. There are on line dating sites, sites geared specifically to married spouses that are interested in cheating, social websites, etc. Secret e-mail accounts . . .read more

We All Pay the Cost for Employee Theft

Employee Theft is an expense to all of us. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that theft by employees costs American companies $20 billion to $40 billion per year. By definition it is any stealing, use or misuse of an employer's assets without permission. Assets imply that employee theft involves more than just cash. In many industries there are many more important things that an employee can steal.

Below are just some of the ways employees can steal from their employers:

  • Money - Depending upon the industry the most common asset stolen from an employer.
  • Time - This situation occurs when the employee is paid for time that they did not work either through falsifying time keeping documents or not working while on the job.
  • Supplies - Employees will take office supplies or restaurant supplies. Examples include pen, paper, computer, food, etc.
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Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody investigations are some of the most challenging but also the most rewarding cases we work. We understand how much your children mean to you. There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your child and ensuring they receive the proper care, attention, love and support that they deserve. At Crucial Investigations we help parents maintain or regain custody of your minor children.

Our clients come to us looking for some type of evidence to show that their child stays safe. Emotions can be at an all-time high when dealing with separation/divorce and custody of children. Some parents will exaggerate and make false accusations in order to limit another parent's access to the child. Parents hurting each other in the manner has become the "perfect weapon" in court. A lot of our clients have been accused or abuse or neglect and say that is not the case. In fact, they say the other parent is the one who abuses or neglects the child in different ways.

The law says that the judge's decision must be "in the best interest of the child." The court will look at numerous things to identify what is in your child's best interest. Some of these things will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Will the child have a safe stable place to live and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Will the child be well fed and clothed? Will the child be supervised enough?
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Private Investigators and Attorneys

Private Investigators and Attorneys Work Well Together

Attorneys have their own variety of specialized skills and may think that they do not have a need for a professional Private Investigator (PI) but there are times when a PI can help out. As professional PIs, we also have our own unique way of carrying out tasks. Although each profession works differently, we are both working for the benefit of our client.

The private investigation industry is changing and becoming more high tech in all aspects. There is a greater emphasis on case research and interviewing witnesses, if applicable. Investigators have become more creative and highly analytical. They now invest in databases and know how to obtain a great deal of information from these sources. Additionally, it is best to work with an experienced company that employs previous law enforcement personnel because they have a working knowledge of the law in their state.

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Christmas Affair

'Tis the Season – Is Your Spouse Naughty or Nice?

We all know that the holidays can be stressful with the endless To Do lists of decorating, shopping to find the perfect gifts, gift wrapping, cooking, traveling, family gatherings, etc. This in addition to our jobs and everyday life can make the holidays a very stressful time! Unfortunately, the holidays are often a time where spouses become suspicious of infidelity as a result of their spouse’s behavior.

Many people’s work schedules change over the holidays and you may notice odd behavior by your spouse. With an increased amount of free time off of work it may become more difficult to hide a “meeting” that may have been easily explained away before. As the holidays draw near the cheating partners will want to spend time together and this can cause the spouse to have odd or suspicious phone calls or disappear from time to time. This type of behavior results in the gut feeling that something is not right that many spouses get when they are being cheated on.

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The Emotional Side of Cases

People often ask about the most difficult part of being a Private Investigator. The answer is seeing the emotional side of what our clients are going through. Over the years, we have seen men, women, children, in both domestic and corporate cases all go through a variety of emotions due to the current situation in their lives. Pain, doubt, and feeling wronged are all difficult emotions to deal with. If you suspect that your loved one is cheating on you, your world can be an emotional roller coaster. Some clients are very stoic and have already dealt with the emotional side of the situation when they seek our services, and others are in the midst of the turmoil that is happening in their lives.

Our job as Private Investigators is to separate the facts from the emotions. We help clients deal with these emotions while delivering peace of mind, closure, and justice. Part of our service is to be available to talk to and/or console our clients as necessary and know when to refer them to their attorney for legal advice. Sometimes people just want to know that their type of situation has happened before. Whatever their predicament, chances are they are not the first and won’t be the last to go through this type of situation. Others just want someone to listen to them.

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Online Cheating

Is Your Significant Other Cheating... Online?

Today’s technology allows everyone using a computer access for daily activities such as work, shopping, buying a house, researching anything we can think of and to play. You may have even found our company, on line by searching for a Private Investigator. The internet gives us anything we want at the touch of our fingertips. This can also include an escape from reality andmeeting someone new on line. Just because your significant other has not had physical contact with someone does not mean that they are not cheating on line.

Everyone uses the computer and internet today and this makes it an excellent place to secretly meet someone. People can connect and hide their activities easier than they have ever been able to before through the use of computers, tablets or mobile device. Cheating websites are exploding! Let’s face it you can Google a few words and find anything, anyone and any fetish your heart desires. You can meet someone in chat rooms, on discussion boards or websites and you can type and message for as long as you want before meeting. You can create your own persona and be anyone you want on line instead of whom you are in reality and that is the person on the other end of the keyboard is attracted to. For example, you are really Clark Kent but you are portraying yourself as Superman. Sometimes this attraction stays online and sometimes it goes past the keyboard and into real life

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Catfishing – Avoid the bait

Catfishing – Be aware of the signs, risks and how to handle the situation

A catfish is someone who creates a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes. Today more couples meet online than they do in person. Our lives revolve around likes, tweets, new friend requests, following each other, etc. that are all done online.

There can be a variety of reasons why someone might become a catfish. A few may be they are bored or lonely, want revenge on a previous partner, cyberbullying or romance. In the instance of romance someone does not feel confident in who they are so they create a new persona and pretend to be someone else. If they start to like the new person they have met online this can lead to major trust issues once they reveal who they really are.. The more serious reasons catfishers get close to their targets can be as severe as fraud, blackmail and identity theft.

What are the risks?

The risks of being catfished are real. They can include, but are not limited to, public embarrassment, emotional damage, identity theft, blackmail, credit card theft, cyberbullying, fraud, child exploitation, extortion and physical harm.

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It’s better to give than take!

The holidays are stressful times for businesses and employees alike. Companies are under stress to meet end of year goals and employees are under stress to provide for their families during the holiday season. The conflict of interest can lead to people doing things they wouldn’t normally do, like steal from their workplace. This incident can happen in the most unlikely places, including non-profits and charities.

Just last month in Greenville County a teenage boy dropped off a generous donation including a television and a game system to the Salvation Army meant to make a 12 year old’s Christmas “dreams” come true. These items were entrusted to a Salvation Army employee at the drop off center whose responsibility was to check in and organize the items. When the family called back to ensure the correct information was placed on the items to guarantee they got to the correct child, the gifts were unable to be located. The Salvation Army conducted it’s own internal investigation which took over 10 working days to find any evidence of wrong doing. Surveillance footage captured one of the employees loading the appropriated items into his girlfriend’s car.

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To Catch a Thief

Most people hear the buzzword “Ponzi Scheme” and immediately associate Bernie Madoff and investment fraud. The term “Ponzi scheme” actually comes from one of the most famous mass defrauders, Charles Ponzi. Without going into complicated details, “Ponzi schemes” are simply complex forms of theft or embezzlement. Whether local or national, the plague of corporate fraud discriminates against no one. According to Fox News in 2009, a seemingly trustworthy family man and longtime employee managed to embezzle 8.7 million dollars through accounting fraud. When the company took matters into its own hands and confronted the employee, he disappeared without a trace and the missing corporate funds were suspended until the suspect could be apprehended. Six years later, May of this year to be exact, the suspect was found after years of wandering the Appalachian Trail. Although this circumstance is extreme, no employer is able to anticipate this level of complication without the help of professionals.

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